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Name Noevir Aviation Co., Ltd.
Location 2-12 Kuko, Yao City, Osaka-Pref., Japan 581-0043
Telephone +81-72-991-6461
Fax +81-72-991-2356
Established May.,1985
CEO Mitsuhiro Okazaki
License number Osaka airspace No. 0402
License acquisition date Nov.,1992
License type Air carrier, Aircraft service business
Business permit number Osaka airspace No.41
Capital 35 million yen
Share holder 100% Noevir Holdings Co., Ltd.
Aircraft BONANZA A36 (aircraft)
AS350 B3 (helicopter)
Main business Domestic Air Transportation
Aircraft ground handling
Pilot Training
Aircrafts Buying and Selling , Maintenance, Annual Inspection


May,.1985 Established Kokusai Kotsu Co.,Ltd. at Konan Airport, Okayama Pref.
Oct.,1987 Changed company name to Setouchi Air Service Co., Ltd.
Jul.,1990 Changed company name to Japan Air Trust Co., Ltd.
Nov.,1992 Acquired License for Commercial Air Transportation and Aircraft Operation.
Oct.,1994 Became a subsidiary company of Noevir Co., Ltd.
Mar.,2000 Relocated Head office to Yao Airport, Osaka.
Jul.,2005 Changed company name to Noevir Aviation Co., Ltd.
Mar.,2011 Transferred stocks to Noevir Holdings Co., Ltd.
Apr.,2019 We made NIHON FLIGHT SAFETY CO.,LTD a subsidiary.

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