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Aircraft operation, maintenance and hangar service

Reliable and Trustworthy service

Main services

  • Aircraft operation
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft acquisition support
  • Hangar service: Kagoshima Airport, Yao Airport

Aircraft operation

Our experienced crew will operate safely and efficiently our customer's aircraft.
If you need to entrust your aircraft operation, choose our company which has an excellent reputation for safety and high cost performance.

Aircraft maintenance

We also provide maintenance service for our customer's aircraft. We will make sure the aircraft is always in top operating condition.

Aircraft acquisition support

In cooperation with our partners from the United States, we have helped our customers purchase several units of business jets and helicopters.
With our experience and expertise in the field, we can provide reliable information and appropriate advice.

Hangar service: Kagoshima Airport, Yao Airport

We pocess our own Hangar at Kagoshima and Yao Airport. We can provide full support on services related to housing the aircraft.

Domestic offices

Yao Airport Head Office

FBO service
Haneda Airport Office

FBO service
Narita Airport Office

Tokyo Heliport
Office and Hangar

Kagoshima Office