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Flight service for disaster assistance

BCP support


"Be prepared and have no regrets"

During emergency situations, we can provide urgent transportation of personnel and supplies to the affected areas and facilities. A speedy response is essential at a BCP situation. We offer our full assistance to achieve a fast recovery.

In preparation for Nankai Megathrust Earthquakes

Transportation of emergengy personnel: There is more than 60% incidence rate for a Nankai Megathrust Earthquake. Disaster prevention measures is one of the major topics to be solved.
During this kind of disasters, we can provide full support to companies so that they can continue with their businesses.

In preparation for large-scale floods

Visiting the disaster site: During earthquakes or floods, we can provide a speedy service of aerial image shooting of the affected facilities and areas.

In preparation for unexpected incidents or accidents

Transportation of emergency supplies: Due to some unpredictable natural disasters may cause some flooded houses or broken down streets. We can help supplying to the isolated areas emergency goods such as food and beverage, clothing, medicine, etc.


Served as transport helicopter at "AMDA's simulation program in case of a possible Nankai Trough Earthquake"

Training for transportation of emergency supplies (at Shiga)


During the Great East Japan Earthquake, Noevir Group manage to provide transportation for doctors to the affected areas in cooperation with AMDA.


Signed a disaster prevention agreement with Shiga Prefecture.

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